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Aluminum canopies are functional, suitable for all environments, and do not have to be expensive.

Our canopies are used in schools, churches, affixed buildings and wherever pedestrian or automotive shelter is needed.

Awnings and Canopies over Tennessee offers extruded or roll formed aluminum canopies supported by extruded aluminum beams and post, or steel support systems. Mutable colors available.

Canopies Offered:

  • Walkway canopies
  • Dumpster canopies
  • Smoking canopies
  • Insulated canopies
  • Overhead supported canopies
  • Deck canopies
  • Patio covers

Canopy Benefits:

  • All awnings and canopies offer a 15 – 20 degree difference in temperature.
  • Canopies require no maintenance.
  • Years of worry free enjoyment.
  • Custom Canopy Fabrication
  • Canopies Provide Permanent Shelter For Your Auto Investments
  • Free-standing Or Attached Custom Canopy Design
  • Canopies Meet Wind And Snow Load Building Code Requirements
  • Engineering Specifications And/Or Stamped Drawings Available Upon Request
  • Installed To Suit Your Needs At Prices To Suit Your Budget
  • Available In Aluminum Canopy Or Steel Support Canopy Systems

Awnings and Canopies over Tennessee has the right solutions for:

  • School bus stop covers and canopies.
  • Manufacture plant covers and canopies.
  • Access ramp canopies.
  • Overhead hung canopies.
  • Storefront awnings and canopies.
  • Parking lot carports and canopies.

Auto-display-canopy Walkway-canopies

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